4566 E. Iverness Avenue #102
Mesa, AZ 85206

Main Phone: (480) 308-7718
Main Fax: (480) 308-7717

MRI, Ultrasound & X-Ray Exams

Our medical imaging equipment allow us to visualize internal structures of the body in detail.

DRPACS for Exam Viewing

Now offering DRPACs which is available to our physicians free of charge.

Direct-to-Physician Reporting

Reports are automatically faxed within 1-2 days after exam completion.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Helping patients get proper medical attention for car crash injuries

Arizona Advanced Imaging - Care You Can Trust

Beginning its practice in Phoenix Arizona, Arizona Advanced Imaging was originally established in 1995. Since then it has expanded into Texas as well as Las Vegas, Nevada. Operating independently since 2004, our location runs with a small and well qualified staff.
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